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After many days feeling weird and “out of order”, I finally feel normal again. Today I listened to this music and I felt instantly connected with it. The lyric somehow match some things I’ve been thinking.

Especially the chorus.

It is time to decide and change many things in my life, so I’m really glad I’m focused again.

Anyway, I felt good vibrations, so I decided to share them with you guys!

Good vibrations to all!


Himawari – by Aqua Timez 

Lyric Translation (English)

fonte: www.jpopasia.com

 Aqua Timez – Himawari (Sunflower)

Even when clouds cover sunflowers, they believe in the sun
Beyond the silence which cultivates sadness
They wait for the time where they can understand their hope
For example, if you didn’t have sadness
Would you still sing love?
That life sized love
In the space between a “human” person and person
What do you think is raised?
Friendships, love, loneliness, bravery, and dreams
When there’s no strategy, and you need to put it into words
One song was born, a bare song

The amount of times I couldn’t finish saying “Thank you” and “Sorry” are countless
Only here, in order to fulfill my growing hope
I’ll keep progressing without turning around
There are no goodbyes hanging in my memories for me
While looking into a more radiant future, I’m going to step into this reality
It’s fine if there isn’t anything like a special thing
I feel like I just want to be the usual me
I want to keep proudly, magnificently singing the worn out words in the light of the sun
Life is not journeying through a fleeting dream
I already understand happiness
Forgetting even those words, I run

When we were on the verge of tears, and even words couldn’t help
There were real feelings
Not able convey how we felt, we hid it all with a smile
Let’s release all of our sadness in this place
I’m going to end the myself of yesterday here

One autumn coloured leaf floating at the fountain of heart which has become silent
Just gazing won’t change anything
So start with some beginning
An empty bird cage is left behind in that place, in a new place
In common miracles, it’s alright to turn on a light
It’s not an exaggeration to say that you should exist in order to face anything in life
Let’s walk facing nowhere but forward, even if it means we have to lose some of the things which we don’t need
Gradually, sweat will shine on our foreheads
That’s the day we’ll regain a reason to live
We’re already close to it
Our cheeks will get wet with tears of achievement

Blaming only the most insufficient things on others, because I don’t want to stop counting them
I walk folding my liars wing
I didn’t see what colour the sky was when I looked up but I didn’t care
Because there is light here, let’s keep living

Seven colours spread out in the afternoon blue sky’s tolerance
Wind gathers in this place
The meaning of joy and sadness has ran out
Tear off the fallen lies like nail polish
A naked heart, big dreams, small happiness
Your tears don’t make any mistakes
Pain is not being alone; everyone is
Even a person such as me never gave up on the future
In the surrounding towns we’re taught about various things
In any case, we’re standing tall
It’s fine if we take darkness with us
At any rate, let’s run, facing towards tomorrow

To the way light shines
To the way light shines
Make progress
Make progress
It’s fine to be clumsy, it’s fine to be covered in mud

Like those sunflowers who bloom with their whole heart
Facing towards nothing but the sun…